When I was a little kid, I thought that if it was made in Owensboro, it stayed in Owensboro. I REALLY believed in supporting local, didn't I?


For example, I was watching a movie or a TV show--can't remember what it was--and a character had a pouch of Red Man chewing tobacco and I flipped out. I knew that it was made here; I just didn't know it was a national brand.

I love discovering stuff like that about our community or region on a national level. It's like when I was watching that Stephen King adaptation 11.22.63 on Hulu a few years back and saw Owensboro on a map. It was about 10 to 12 miles north of a fictional town in the story.

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Well, in case you didn't know, every single jar of Ragu sauce in this country is manufactured at Mizkan. I did not know that. And I have Greater Owensboro Economic Development to thank for that information.

October 1st was National Manufacturing Day and GOED used that as a jumping-off point to celebrate local manufacturers all month long. And I cannot wait to see future postings and learn more about what's made here in Owensboro.

And by the way, ANYTIME I'm near Mizkan, I start craving spaghetti. It has a great hold over me.


The spotlights began with a video about Metalsa, then the Ragu story. GOED has since followed up with a post about Hendrick Screen Company on Medley Road and a new product it is launching:

"Hendrick Screen is unveiling a new patent-pending product, FLEX-BAR™, the first flexible metal panel for curved applications in the architectural industry. The new product uses our popular high-strength PROFILE BAR and adds flexibility between bars that will adapt to any curve imaginable!

FLEX-BAR™ eliminates the need for field measurements, welding or mechanically joining multiple panels together and thereby making installation extremely easy. Plus, you get the aesthetic appeal created by linear lines, but with added movement and fluidity.

Multiple product and installation options are available."

Naturally, you're invited to learn more at HendrickCorp.com.
Greater Owensboro Economic Development is using #OBKYManufacturingMonth, but of course, you can follow them on Facebook and learn more fascinating facts about our local manufacturers.

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