The Canine Guilt Trip

Every dog parent knows that their four-legged companions can be the masters of a good ol' fashioned guilt trip.

You know the look...big brown eyes full of sadness and betrayal like lasers right to the heart. Then, there's that unprecedented excitement triggered by the sound of grabbing the car keys that erupts into bursts of pacing, bunny hops, and panting as if to say, "So, where we going?"

Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson

My oldest dog, Prudence lays it on thick, starting as soon as she spots me changing into "real" clothes. While laying at the end of my bed, she burns holes into me as I get dressed and then follows me around the house sulking. Of course, she follows this up with the grand finale of audible sighs that I swear sound like she is calling me a "traitor."

Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson

Dogs Allowed

Needless to say, whether I am trying to get back into my dogs' good graces or just looking to include them, there are a ton of dog-friendly attractions to choose from in the Hoosier State.

10 Pet-Friendly Attractions in Indiana

To keep your pups happy and keep yourself out of the doghouse, check out this list of dog-friendly adventures around Indiana.


Spring Mill State Park

What dog doesn't love a good walk especially in a place with lots to explore? Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana offers visitors and their pets 8 trails of beautiful scenery, some even leading to caves that can heighten any adventure. You can also check out more Indiana State Parks here to find even more trails and campgrounds for you and your pup to visit.

Brown County Winery

Sip a glass of wine and enjoy the rolling hills of scenic Nashville, Indiana while your pup takes in the scents. At Brown County Winery, leashed pets are allowed inside of the tasting room and out on the patio while you are free to relax. Don't forget to try a glass of Vista Red, their most popular wine.

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16-Bit Bar and Arcade

At 16-Bit Bar and Arcade in Indy, you can level up on your favorite retro arcade game. Jump over turtles in Mario Bros. and gobble up ghosts as Ms. PacMan with your furry friend by your side. Make sure to check out their specialty cocktail menu while you're there. Even better, the games are completely free to play.

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The Tibbs Drive-In

Established in 1967, Tibbs is a family-owned drive-in theater in Indy. Featuring new releases and classics, it even allows your dog to join you for movie night.

Myriad Brewery Company

Want to show off your brewery dog? Evansville's Myriad Brewery Company welcomes leashed dogs into the tap room so that you can unwind with a beer while your dog hangs out with you. You can even purchase a Myriad bandana for your pup to sport.


Pins Mechanical Co. 

With over 40 pinball machines, ducktail bowling, and more old school games, Pins Mechanical has entertainment that can keep the whole family busy for hours. And yes, by whole family, this includes the furry four-legged members as well.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Some of the most beautiful sunsets can be seen here at the Indiana Dunes National Park located in the northern part of the state. The park is full of pet-friendly trails and beaches. And don't forget to pop in at the Visitor Center to certify your dog as an official B.A.R.K Ranger. Talk about bragging rights.

Indianapolis Downtown Canal

Grab a leash and take your dog for a stroll to enjoy the sights of Indy's downtown canal. You can even take your pup out on a paddle boat for a relaxing day out on the water.


Marengo Cave

One of Indiana's most visited attractions, Marengo Cave offers tons of interesting sights to explore. Pets are welcome on any of the park grounds as long as they remain leashed. If your pup is small enough to be carried, it can even join you on a walking tour. This historical U.S landmark is definitely a must see.


Beasley's Orchard

Some of my favorite seasonal activities happen at local orchards. What could make picking apples and pumpkins and frolicking through sunflower fields even better? Bringing my canine friend along, of course! Beasley's Orchard, located in Danville, is completely pet friendly. Your dog is allowed all over the farm including during special seasonal activities as long as it remains on a leash. The farm even holds special weekends with activities just for dogs.

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