It is certainly an exciting time to be from Princeton, Indiana! Our star basketball player, Jackie Young is representing the USA in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. As exciting as this is, I have had to get a quick lesson in the Olympics, just to be able to watch it!

First of all, using 2020 confuses me, but that's probably just a 'Liberty' thing. Half of the time I don't know what year it is anyway! Second, snd this is a spoiler alert - Japan is in a whole other time zone. Ok, this may seem obvious, but I can't wrap my head around parts of the Tri-State being an hour ahead of Evansville, so there's that.

The bigger picture is that some of the games we really want to watch happen in the middle of the night. Then we wake up to all sorts of spoilers. My city of Princeton has this problem solved - Host a watch party in real-time at the Princeton Theatre and Community Center. Now, this means you will either need to stay awake all night, which I do not recommend. Or you can take a little nap and wake up refreshed for the game at 2:30 AM. Oh, did I mention the game stats at 3:00 AM?

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Before you complain, remember that some of us early morning peeps wake up that early everyday! Well, I actually wake up at 3:30 AM, but that is still plenty early! You'll get to see the streets of Princeton in the middle of the night, with zero traffic, and maybe not even a train. Plus, you will get to watch the excitement with the Young family!

Jackie Young Watch Party

Princeton Theatre and Community Center, 301 W Broadway Street

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 - Doors open at 2:30 AM

Join the Young Family to watch Jackie and team play 3X3 ball. TOMORROW morning at 3:00 AM. We will watch from the Princeton Theatre and Community Center, 301 W Broadway Street, with the doors opening at 2:30 AM. Free admission so make signs and come join us! The winner of the 3:00 game will then play again at 7:00 AM for gold and silver.

Princeton Shows Support for Jackie Young in the Tokyo Olympic Games

Mayor Wright, Common Council, and the City of Princeton are extremely proud to have Jackie Young representing the USA at the 2021 Olympics. We encourage all our citizens and businesses to "Paint the City" in red, white, and blue.

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