General Motors announced on Tuesday they will add 588,000 additional makes and models to an existing recall of faulty ignition switches after it is believed the issue is connected to the deaths of 13 people.

780,000 Chevrolet Cobalts from the 2005 through 2007 model years and 2007 Pontiac G5s were part of the initial recall back on February 13th, according to USA Today, with the following models announced earlier today:

  • 2003-07 Saturn Ion
  • 2006-07 Chevrolet HHR
  • 2007 Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky

The report from GM states the defect allows the switch to move unexpectedly from "run" to "accessory" if jarred or if pulled by a heavy key chain, causing the engine to shut off and disable the front air bags. The loss of the air bag crash protection is the central safety issue in the recall.

The company released the following statement earlier today in regards to the recall:

GM will notify all affected customers that in addition to recalling their vehicles and performing repairs at no charge to them...Going beyond required written notification, GM, through its customer care centers and social media teams, is using customer records and communications channels to notify affected customers of the recall and additional actions the company is willing to take to relieve their concerns and minimize inconvenience.

The statement went on to say, "Dealers will replace the ignition switch to prevent the unintentional or inadvertent key movement. Until this correction is performed, customers should use only the ignition key with nothing else on the key ring. As always, customers should drive responsibly and use their safety belts."

Contact your GM dealer for any questions regarding the recall.

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