Indiana State Police are looking for a murder suspect from Georgia, who is now on the run in Indiana.

Quintavios Dobbins is a 23-year-old African American.  He is 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 185 pounds. Dobbins also has a tattoo across the front side of his neck that appears to read "12.14.17" or possibly "12.74.17".

Dobbins was last known to be in Clarksville, Indiana, on Sunday, July 5th.

According to the Indiana State Police, Dobbins has a murder warrant issued from the Houston County Prosecutor in Georgia. He is one of four suspects in a murder in Perry, Georgia. Two suspects were caught in Alabama. The third suspect turned herself in to Georgia authorities after her and Dobbins made it to Indiana.

Dobbins may have temporary work experience in the Evansville and Indianapolis area. So, be on the lookout, as it is entirely possible he could be in either location.

It is unknown if Dobbins has any weapons with him, but he should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Indiana State Police asks that if anyone knows the location of Quntavios Dobbins, or believes that they may have seen him, to call 911 immediately and provide local authorities with the information on his whereabouts.

Indiana State Police
Indiana State Police
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