Usually, I don't really care if I have ice in my drinks. If it's refrigerator cold, I'm okay with it but this summer - with temps soaring above 105 - cold is key! I'm sure pregnancy doesn't help... One of the things I've craved a lot of this summer has been sweets, so I've offered to bring the dessert to family gatherings. Usually my family makes homemade ice cream but because of my pregnancy, raw eggs just wasn't on the menu, so I decided to make milkshakes. I enjoy a good chunk or two in my soft serve so I experimented with a little twist. I added a fruit pie to the concoction. And, because I didn't want to make a pie every time I got a craving, I invested in some affordable and easy-to-make microwaveable pies. I like Marie's but there are plenty to choose from in the frozen food section. Below is my recipe. I hope you will experiment with different fruits and pies and eventually move on to cake chunks, chocolate chips, doughnut holes... whatever gets you through this sweltering summer!

Fruit Pie Milkshake Recipe


  1. 4 scoops vanilla ice cream (I like Breyer’s extra churned)
  2. ½-1 cup milk
  3. 1 cup of frozen blueberries, strawberries, peaches or whatever fruit you like – I try to match whatever pie I get)
  4. 1 Marie Callender’s or Banquet individual fruit pie (heated)
  5. sugar (optional)


  1. Blend ice cream, fruit and milk in blender until smooth
  2. Add sugar as needed for sweetness
  3. Cut pie into pieces and add into blender. Turn on low until pie is mixed in but not blended.