Growing up, I was surrounded by cows. Just outside of Terre Haute, IN, in rural West Terre Haute, we lived in a five-acre mini-farm in the middle of a massive agriculture and livestock farm. Their choice of livestock was cows. Grand Champion bred cows that kind of became my playmates.

In our barn lot, we had a horse, an occasional pony, an annoying and mean goose, and several stray cats and dogs. My horse, named Toy, who I got when I was nine months old, sometimes thought she was a dog and sometimes a cow, but never a horse.

She would play with me in the barn lot all day long. Mainly, she would just stand there and watch me playing in the dirt, rocks, and trees, or she would be pretending she was a cow.

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What I mean by that was that she would always find herself right in the middle of one of their great escapes. The cows would always get out of the fenced-in area and make their way over to our barn lot. She would then get right in the middle of the herd and start grazing with them. We all, including the farm family next door, would wrangle the cows up and try to lead them back home. Toy would always try to mosey along in the line with the cows and try and make her way to their tasty grassy area.

I would have to call her out of line to get her to stop pretending she was one of the cows. It was hilarious. Then, she would lay down and want me to scratch her belly like a dog.

My Facebook friend, Amber, knows all about having an animal think they are a dog. Her two-month-old micro mini Highland Cross calf just went on his first-ever boating excursion. And, let's just say he reacted like a very good dog. LOL

Just wanted to share with the group Oliver Dale’s first boating adventure on DHL! He is our 2-month-old micro mini highland cross calf. He thinks he’s one of the dogs.

Take a look at Ollie's boating adventure. I took the liberty of conveying his reactions to his special day. BTW, he had no accidents on the boat. But, Amber was prepared just in case.

Oliver Dale, the Fluffy Mini Calf, Goes Boating For The First Time

See and read Oliver Dale's and reaction to going boating on Dale Hollow Lake in his own words.

Oliver is even going on shopping trips now. 

@simplytouchedbygraceOliver’s (our micro mini calf) first shopping trip and the birds gotcha days. #farmtok#micro#microminihighlandcow♬ Down on the Farm - Tim Elliot & The Troublemakers


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