Several businesses in Boonville, Indiana were recently broken into and police are asking for your help in identifying the suspect.

As a resident of Boonville, I have seen so many people on social media talking about a string of several break-ins at businesses in town. It appears that the community is rallying together to try to identify the suspect to make sure that this doesn't happen again. If there's one thing I know about folks from Boonville, it's that we come together as a community to help out others when needed. This is one of those times.

The Boonville Police Department took to social media yesterday to alert the community about these break-ins. The break-ins occurred on July 26th at approximately 4 a.m. According to the post, these businesses are located near the Warrick County School Corporation Central Services building, just West of SR 61. Fortunately, security cameras captured the vandalism. However, the photos aren't very clear, and the suspect's face was covered the whole time, making it hard to identify the person in question. According to the Boonville Police Department:

As far we can tell, the suspect is a white male that was wearing glasses, black Puma sweatpants, grey hoodie, baseball hat, grey and white shoes and neon green gloves at the time the break-in's occurred. It appears he used a prying tool with a pink/orange grip to get into the businesses.

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If anyone recognizes the suspect, please call the Boonville Police Department at (812) 897-6551.

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