Whether you've been married two months or ten years this marriage advice from a variety of couples will be incredibly helpful for those times you need it most.


Whoever said marriage was easy must have been married to a corpse.  I say that with humor but for real.  Marriage is not easy.  It is two people coming together under one roof and pledging their lives to one another for better or worse and sometimes the worse far outweighs the better somedays.  Knowing how to battle and prepare for those days will help you to navigate through the tough times so you can enjoy the mountaintops all the more after you have been in the valleys.


According to RadiantMarriage.com;

Simply put, grace is unmerited favor. It’s being treated well when you least deserve it. And it’s an important building block in a strong marriage.   Ultimately, grace isn’t something to be asked for, but rather something to be freely given out of sincere love for someone.

My husband, Joe, and I are the grace marriage leaders for our church and that is the number one thing we teach to couples.  Grace upon grace upon grace.  Being reminded of the sacrifice given to us from above and extending it to our spouses here on earth.

Having Grace for each other when we are depleted for whatever reason. We have learned to walk away and regroup when we know we are frustrated (work, kids, life, lol).-STACEY LIGON


I think I learned this one way before I was ever married.  My momma would say no matter how upset you are at a person make sure you try and make amends before you lay your head down at night because you would never want to wake and find that something had happened to that person.  Being angry is a sin but it happens it's inevitable that it is going to be a part of every marriage at one point or another.  The bible says in Ephesians 4:26 “Be angry and do not sin. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger”

Even if you have to agree to disagree and come to an understanding learn to come together before falling asleep.

Do not go to bed angry. Also, don’t carry anger into the next day. Either discuss it or drop it.-STACY TINDALL


For heaven's sake just spit it out.  This one is a hard one for my husband and I.  We've sat in more counseling sessions because he is the perfect content to just zip his lips and proceed on. This comes from his childhood when he witnessed a lot of arguing from his parents and he hates confrontation.  A little confrontation in marriage is a good thing.  It allows for discussion.  When you were dating most likely you talked about everything isn't it funny how in some marriages that go to the wayside when they tie the knot.  Talking gives both perspectives and helps to get whatever is going on out in the open breeding space to support one another.

Complete honesty in every second of every day. If your spouse does something inconsiderate or if you have a problem with something, say so immediately and work it out. Don't keep quiet and hold onto it. It causes nothing but trouble down the line. Deal with it immediately.



Prayer and communication!!-MICHAEL JONES


After you get married life seems to fly right by.  Children come, jobs demand more, and life's chore list gets longer and longer.  Eventually, the idea of dating and spending intentional time with one another is forgotten and it's been a year since the last time you had a night out alone together.  It's so important, in fact, it is as important as breathing, no REALLY!  Dating is part of the heartbeat of your marriage.  It keeps it fresh, fun and gives you something to look forward to when the world is pushing in on you.  We suggest weekly dates if possible and then try to get away overnight at least once every three to four months.  It's like remembering to change the oil or getting a tune-up for your car.

Date your husband/wife. Celebrate more than special occasions, create time each month for just the two of you.



Know what makes them go!  Love languages are different for each person.  Dr. Gary Chapman wrote about the Five Love Languages:  We all give and receive love in 5 different ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

My husband and I have very different love languages.  His are words of affirmation and acts of service.  I thrive in our marriage from physical touch and quality time.  Neither of us is much on the gift side although we wouldn't refuse it if we got it LOL.

Know one another’s Love Language.
Strive to Meet each other’s needs: Spiritual,Emotional,Physical
Above all else love one another.  We are called to love everyone and not just when they are lovable but at all times.  When you're angry remember why you fell in love.  When things get tough remember how the love of your spouse has pulled you through so many times and when you feel like you can't give one more ounce of anything that is when you love even more.  My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today and I can't tell you how following these pieces of advice have helped to nurture and grow our marriage.

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Whether you've been married two months or ten years this marriage advice from a variety of couples will be incredibly helpful for those times you need it most.

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