I'm sure you try to concentrate at your job (if not, let's pretend), but I doubt you have ever focused as hard as a border collie who just gave a master class on how to herd ducks.

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I saw this brief but self-explanatory animal moment trending on Digg for a very good reason. This is a dog who has mastered...life. The border collie has been given one mission. He is to get this rather large herd of ducklings to water and he will not fail. HE WILL NOT FAIL.

There's no mention of exactly where this happened, but does it really matter? Nope. No, it doesn't.

If you watched to the end, you saw that this dog didn't stop once the ducklings reached water. He kept his laser focus on the tiny birds to make sure they stayed in the water, too.

The AKC describes the border collie as "affectionate, smart and energetic". That sounds about right. Put an emphasis on the smart part. I've seen quite a few dog breeds in my lifetime and few can rival the sharpness of a good border collie. That's one reason why they are the parents of a lot of dogs who end up in dog shows.

Always appreciate fun, innocent family moments to give us a moment of relief from some of the more intense things happening around the world.

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