The 1983 Christmas classic, "A Christmas Story" is getting a long-awaited sequel that sees the return of Peter Billingsly as an adult Ralphie.

In 1983, the world was first introduced to what would later become one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time. "A Christmas Story" is set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana in the 1940s and follows a young boy, Ralphie Parker, as he attempts to convince his parents, teacher, and Santa Claus that a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun really is the perfect Christmas gift.

We all know and love the film. It has become a favorite Christmas movie for many as the years progressed. Its popularity is so huge that each year since 1997, TNT airs a 24-hour marathon, officially titled “24 Hours of A Christmas Story.” In 2012, a sequel titled "A Christmas Story 2" follows Ralphie as a teenager who wants to get a fully restored 1939 Mercury Eight convertible for Christmas. However, it did not feature any of the original cast; chances are, most people don't even know it exists.


For years, people have been clamoring for a follow-up to the 1983 original that features Peter Billiningsly as Ralphie. Everyone wants to know what Ralphie would be doing as an adult. Well, in 2022, folks will finally see their wish come true.

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"A Christmas Story Christmas" Coming Soon

On November 17, Ralphie returns home to Indiana in the long-awaited "A Christmas Story Christmas". This movie, according to IMDb:

Follows Ralphie, now adult, who returns to the house on Cleveland street to give his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had as a child, reconnecting with childhood friends, and reconciling the passing of his Old Man.

Earlier today, we got our first look at this highly anticipated Christmas movie coming to HBO Max on November 17, 2022. You can see the official first trailer for "A Christmas Story Christmas" below:

As previously mentioned, this film sees the return of Peter Billingsly as Ralphie, but it also sees the return of some other familiar faces from the original movie. Scott Schwartz will be returning as Flick, R.D. Robb will be returning as  Schwartz, Ian Petrella will return as Ralphie's brother, Randy, and Zack Ward who played Farkus will be coming back as Officer Scut Farkus.

HBO Max will release a full trailer soon, but for now, this is enough to satisfy fans and get them excited for the November 17th release of "A Christmas Story Christmas"

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