It's true that you either love or hate St. Louis pizza. There really isn't a happy middle. That's one of the reasons why Jim Gaffigan's review of this divisive St. Louis food delicacy is funnier than normal.

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"You ever eat something that's so good it makes you angry?" is just one of the special descriptions comedian Jim Gaffigan offers for his sampling of St. Louis pizza - specifically Imo's Pizza.

I'm personally a fan, but Jim is right that it's the Provel cheese that makes St. Louis pizza...unique. If you've somehow never had it, it's like provolone, Swiss and cheddar cheese had a baby...and it was cheese.

Generally, Jim offers his cautious approval of the Imo's slices, but it doesn't stop there. His "review" then proceeds to the St. Louis famous toasted ravioli (which he polishes off 10 of) and then gooey butter cake.

"Can you get diabetes mid-bite?"

Fortunately that's not likely according to medical professionals, but if it does become possible, Jim Gaffigan is the first patient in the "Too Much Sugar" Ward.

Jim Gaffigan is currently touring the world on his "Dark Pale" tour which ironically is not scheduled to land in St. Louis anytime soon. Perhaps we should order him some pizza for (long distance) delivery?

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