When it comes to storing avocados, my choice would be the trash. I can't stand them. Well, I can't because I've never tasted one. I just can't bring myself to try something that looks as discusint as an avocado does.

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My family loves avocados, though, and eats them all the time. My daughter puts it on toast, my son-in-law makes a killer guacamole (They say, LOL), and my husband puts avocado in his smoothies.

So, of course, they all have tried to figure out the best way to store the baby-poop-looking fruit. I usually just stay out of it, but I saw a video on Tik Tok that claimed to have figured out how to keep our avocados from getting brown in just a couple of days.

@sidneyraz testing how to keep an avocado fresh over two days #avocado#inmy30s♬ original sound - sidneyraz
Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong. I saw an article that addressed the new avocado storage trend and the FDA says it's a terrible idea. 

The main concern is the possibility that any residual human pathogens (such as <em>Listeria monocytogenes </em>and <em>Salmonella</em>) that may be residing on the avocado's surface may potentially multiply during the storage when submerged in water.

I guess the Tik Tok influencer saw the same article because he did a second video to retract what he said in his first video. 

@sidneyraz lesson learned #avocado #foodsafety #kitchenhacks #tipsandtricks #todayilearned #todayyearsold #inmy30s #themoreyouknow #learnontiktok #growthmindset ♬ original sound - sidneyraz

Ok, what should we do with our avocados? Other than the trash, I mean.

How to properly store an avocado

According to avocadosfrommexico.com,

With the flesh-side down, place the avocado in the container, cover, and place in the fridge. This will keep the avocado from turning brown for about another two days. If your avocado is already ripe but you aren't planning on eating it quite yet, simply place the whole fruit in the refrigerator.

Is it better to leave an avocado out or in the fridge?

 That depends on if the avocado is cut in half or not.
Until they're fully ripe, avocados should be stored at room temperature. Placing an unripe avocado in the refrigerator will slow the ripening process, but the same concept applies to ripe avocados: put them in the refrigerator to keep them at their prime ripeness for longer.

- glad.com

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