If you are the least bit familiar with us here at GBF, you know that Melissa and I love, L-O-V-E spooky season. If we had our own mascot around here, it would probably be a bat, and frankly, I'm surprised we haven't changed the station colors to orange and black yet.

Getting Spooky With It

So I was only kidding about changing the station colors, but the point I was trying to make is that we really love Halloween and all things spooky. In fact, Melissa frequently writes about spooky, haunted places all across the midwest.

Haunting in Evansville

Fortunately, you don't have to travel to other parts of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, or even Tennessee to find haunted locales. We've got plenty of haunted places right here in Evansville.

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Ghost Tours

The Historic District in downtown Evansville along Riverside Drive, as well as Historic Haynie's Corner Arts District, are both full of rich history - and hauntings! Haunted Historic Evansville will once again be hosting walking ghost tours offering historical accounts, ghost stories, and more.

Make your way downtown, but only if you dare.
For a ghost tour so spooky, you might just shiver in terror.
Two haunted routes, and no matter which one you choose
Around every dark corner are ghosts and spirits - their laments of doom
Come one, come all, bring the kiddos, come as friends
And whether you believe in things haunted, well that just depends…

When and How

Haunted Historic Evansville is a fundraiser for Haynie's Corner Arts District Association, Old Evansville Historic Association, and the Civic Theater. The ghost tours will return to Evansville October 14-15, 2022. To get more information, and to buy your tickets when they become available visit HauntedEvansville.com.


Haunted Places in Indiana That You Can Visit

This map highlights haunted places in Indiana that you can visit! Here's a few of the places you can check out.

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