They say there are some things that money can't buy, but then there are things money can buy that mean way more than people may realize. Recently siblings who are Vicksburg, MI natives purchased a jacket which was an Air Force replica for their grandfather who was a Sergeant, Third Class but sadly lost his jacket in a fire. The family came together and actually re-created the jacket he lost with all honors. Unfortunately they were denied a real WWII jacket, but the thought was too much for the veteran to keep from tearing up.

Their grandfather was honored with 3 medals from WWII and the family did something very special by gifting him the folded flag with his medals inside as a display along with some money for his 96th birthday, which he exclaimed, "Vegas here I come" upon receiving. The family was so excited to be able to share this special moment with him in front of the whole family and made sure to share it publicly for you all to enjoy. Try not to cry:

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What an honor to be able to celebrate Grandpas 96th Birthday and get to see this moment. He always talks about losing his WW II uniform and medals and how he wished he had something from his days in the Army to show us kids. Seth and Jason came up with the idea and it was a great honor to see him put on the uniform and medals he earned while serving his Country.

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