It has been a bit since we have had the chance to talk about the Evansville Philharmonic.  Luckily, we have plenty to talk about today because we now know what we can expect for the upcoming 2021 and 2022 seasons.  Let me just say it is going to be a very good year for all of us music fans in the Tr-State.

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Earlier this afternoon Evansville Philharmonic Music Director and Conductor, Roger Kalia, stood outside the Victory Theatre to give us a preview of the 2021 and 2022 Philharmonic Classic and Pop Series.  He also shared exciting news about a new series that will be introduced this year, The Bourbon Series.  All three series will highlight not only great musical pieces but so many unique talents as well.  Here are a few of the shows from each series:


Classic Series

  • American Visionaries
  • Literature in Music
  • Famous Love Stories

Pops Series

  • Broadway’s Back
  • A Jazzy Christmas
  • Nothin’ But the Blues

Bourbon Series

  • Musician Spotlight
  • Jazz Night
  • New Perspectives


As I said earlier, the Bourbon Series is a new series the Philharmonic will present to you this year.  Each show will take place at a different location in the Tri-State and allow audience members to hear good music, eat good food, and try delicious local bourbon.

It is very safe to say that it is going to be an exciting year for the Evansville Philharmonic.  Obviously, last year was a bit crazy but it will be good to have a full season of live entertainment we all can actually attend.

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