It was around this time last year that I dressed up in an ice cream cone costume, for a good cause. Bobby and I set out to creatively raise money for one of our favorite charities, Hangers, a program of the EVSC Foundation. Hangers provides clothing and everyday essential items for students in need. Imagine the stress of the school year, combined with the fact that you don't have your own deodorant or hair brush. The volunteers at Hangers make sure students feel comfortable looking for a new outfit or any personal hygiene products they might need.

Photo: Bobby G

Hangers is a nonprofit, and they depend on monetary donations to make sure that can help every student that needs it. Sometimes, they are able to get a really good deal on winter coats or uniforms, and every little bit goes a long way.

  • Clothe a Student $150
  • Coat + Shoes $60
  • Uniform Bundle $5
  •  Socks + Undies (5 ea) $20
  • Hygiene Kit $8

Every year, for as long as I can remember, Baskin Robbins has hosted 'Celebrity Scoop Night', benefiting Hangers. It's always a fun time scooping ice cream and hanging out with EVSC staff and local celebrities. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has melted our super fun scoop event, but we can still raise money.

celeb scoop hangers Photo: Liberty

All you have to do is follow this link to make an online donation. Please note that you are supporting 'Team Bobby & Liberty'. We have already been challenged to an ice cream eating contest, with Ron Rhodes and Joe Bird. That will be coming soon to our Facebook pages! In the meantime, donate what you can and know that it's going to an amazing cause.

Liberty DeWig

Scooping for Students is a fundraiser for students in need of clothing and hygiene products. When children feel confident in appearance, their self esteem, focus, and school attendance improve. Since Hangers cannot host a live event this year, we need your help now more than ever to raise money for youth clothing, winter coats, and shoes. Thanks for tipping Liberty & Bobby to make a difference for EVSC students!

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