2020 has been rough on most of us, both personally and professionally. No amount of training could have prepared us for what we have had to deal with. Our educators have learned to pivot, and re-evaluate literally every part of the learning process. As this pandemic continues to change our world, it's important to focus on the positive, and that's what EVSC is doing with their 'Make Change' campaign.

Make Change is our end-of-the-year campaign because that is what EVSC teachers and students did great this year--- change and adapt. More than ever, we are focused on positive change in our school community. Our gratitude this year is for the many supporters from booster clubs, volunteers, parents, donors and alumni who are generous with their time and support of students. We want them to know we are thankful for the positive change they make each day.” -  EVSC Foundation Executive Director Maureen Barton

There are many different ways that you can get involved in the EVSC's 'Make Change' campaign. Maybe you need to clean out your closets and donate clothing to Hangers (I'm talking to myself here) You can make a donation, or adopt a student for Christmas.


You can become a 'Lifetime Supporter' of the EVSC Foundation, and donations can be made in your honor or in memory of someone. My mother-in-law (Charlotte DeWig) decided to do this, and I didn't know she was listed until I researched this article. This is a great way to keep giving to future generations of students.

To make change for young people, email info@evscfoundation.org or call 812-435-0913


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