The Evansville Police Department took to social media today to remind residents to lock their vehicles.

It's second nature to me. Whenever I get out of my truck, the first thing I do is hit that lock button on my key...I might hight it twice just to make sure. Whether I have anything of value in my truck at the time or not, it doesn't matter. I always lock it up just to be safe. There may be some out in the Evansville area that either forget or simply don't lock up their vehicle. They might think that no one would break into it in their neighborhood or that no one would want to break into their vehicle for whatever reason, but the sad reality is that in this day in age you never really know.

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The Evansville Police Department took to social media to warn residents that there have been several vehicles in the city that have been broken into recently. They say that in 2021 alone, 17 guns have been stolen out of vehicles and only one of those vehicles was locked at the time. They went on to say "When these weapons are recovered they are often found in the hands of juveniles and/or violent criminals."

This is as good of a time as ever to remind folks in the city of Evansville, and even the surrounding towns to lock up their vehicles at night when you go into a restaurant or to the store, or any other time your vehicle is left unattended. It is also a good idea to take valuables out of your vehicle and keep them on your person or at home. The last thing you want to have to deal with is someone stealing something of great value that you may never get back. Even worse, in the case of firearms, you don't want it ending up in the hands of someone who could do something to hurt someone with it.

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