No amount of arguing, petitioning or begging can save Roberts Stadium now. The Evansville Parks Board voted unanimously Wednesday to tear down the old stadium at the corner of the Lloyd Expressway and Boeke Road.

In its heyday, Roberts Stadium was a mecca for concerts, circuses and a whole host of programs from around the globe.  But years of wear and tear and disrepair have done the old stadium in.  Repairs to Roberts would have cost more than building The Ford Center, which was brought in under budget last year.

The area of the old stadium will be turned into a green space known as “Roberts Park” at a cost of $6-million.  The pricetag includes the demolition of Roberts and the construction of the green site.

The 37-acre site will include a fitness area, dog park, bike trail and walking trail.

Some of the old seats from Roberts Stadium will go to Mesker Park and bricks from the building will be sold as souvenirs.

A schedule for demolition, and the proposed park, will be laid out July 2.

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