The popularity of food trucks has exploded nationwide over the past few years as aspiring entrepreneurs with culinary skills forgo the traditional restaurant job and instead choose to make their kitchen mobile to take their delicious menu items directly to where the people are. The growing trend has made its way to the Tri-State as we have several trucks to choose from, offering everything from barbecue to Asian, to Mexican, pizza, and desserts. Sometimes the issue is finding your favorite food truck when you're hungry or discovering they're on the other side of town. That issue could soon be a thing of the past as preparations are underway for a new food truck park in downtown Evansville.

I first heard about the park from Nate Boyett in the Evansville Food Trucks Facebook group. The open group is a great way to keep tabs on our local food trucks schedules. The park will be located a couple of blocks west of Highway 41 in an empty lot on the corner of Lincoln and Kentucky Avenues. After seeing Nate's post, I stopped by to take a few pictures and spoke to a gentleman who was working on getting the lot ready. He told me the park will be able to fit 10 food trucks along the perimeter and will also feature tables and cabanas for people to sit and enjoy their meals.

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan
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The park will be available to rent for private, outdoor events, and will offer a stage for live entertainment. A shipping trailer, converted into a storage shed, already on site, will feature a number of TVs that can be tuned to sporting events or other programs the general public would have an interest in watching.

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan

I'm all for this. My wife and I visited a friend of hers in Austin, Texas several years ago where the food truck scene has been going strong for a long time, and they have several of them scattered around the city. It's like a food court at the mall; several trucks in one location where we can stop and have a number of different options to choose from. Like our farmer's markets, only this will hopefully happen all the time, year-round. The only thing we have right now that compares is Food Trucks at the Farm at Farm 57 that happens every Wednesday evening over the summer and into the early fall.

The gentleman I spoke with said he believed the owners of the lot (who he didn't name) were looking at a soft opening sometime around Thanksgiving. Let the countdown begin.

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