Back when I was a young mom and living in Princeton, IN, I would throw incredible Halloween parties. It included Halloween-themed food, crazy good costumes, and of course decorations everywhere. I usually answered the door, for each guest with a spooky candelabra in hand.

Every year, I tried to top myself. My teacher friends all pitched in too. One of my friends was the Home Ec teacher so she made creative, delicious, and fun finger foods for the parties. When I say finger food, I'm not seriously mean it. One year, she actually made pigs-in-a-blanket look like real fingers. She was the best.

I, on the other hand, was the master of decorations. Setting the tone was my forte'. Candles were lit with scary scenes in each corner, and haunted house vibes throughout. I achieved that look and feel with my creative use of cobwebs.

One year, I can remember being extra proud of my webs. Many, at the party, commented on how realistic they looked. One little boy, who was around 7 years old at the time, thought they looked so real, he told his mom and was a really bad housekeeper. LOL

To be completely honest, some of the cobwebs WERE real and yes, I'm not the best at keeping my house clean. Maybe, that's why I love my haunted house Haloween parties so much. I didn't have to clean the house before the party. ;-)

I tell you if I had known how to make these giant spiders go along with my incredible cobwebs, my parties might still be happening. If for no other reason than to see the spiders.

The DIY spider photos jumped out to me in a Halloween craft Facebook group I belong to and I had to reach out to the creative designer. This is what she said in her post status.

I had a broken umbrella so I turned this.... into this! Lol
Yard decor. And, its an umbrella lol - Christine 
She's being modest. This DIY Halloween Spider is amazing. Take a look.

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