Principal Mike Allen seems like a cool dude. While I don't know anyone who works at or sends their kids to Evansville Christian School, I get the impression there's rarely a dull moment when he's around based on the videos he's posted on the school's Facebook page over the years, including the newest one he posted Wednesday afternoon announcing virtual days for the students both Thursday and Friday.

While most schools or school corporations will let parents and students know their canceling school or running on a delay because of snow through an e-mail, automated voicemail, or text message these days, Mike goes in a completely different direction. He'll take a popular song and re-work the lyrics to share the message. In the past, he's parodied DJ Khaled ("Snow Day Number One"), Prince ("Two-Hour Delet"), and Neil Diamond ("Sweet Bed of Mine"). With Evansville and the surrounding counties under an Ice Storm Warning until Friday 6:00 AM Friday morning, Mr. Allen went ahead and made the call to go virtual both today and Friday (February 3rd and 4th, 2022) and borrowed a song from one of the most successful Broadway plays of all time to let students know they would get to sleep in both days.

Mr. Allen, or maybe we should call him, Lin-Manuel Allen, took the popular song, "My Shot" from Hamilton along with some crafty video editing to create his latest masterpiece, "(I'm Not Going to Set) My Clock." Check this out.

Well done, sir, well done.

[Source: Evansville Christian School on Facebook]

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