So what do meteorologists really think about Groundhog Day? Apparently, it's not the love fest you may have thought. 

Today is Groundhog Day and that means a ton of talk about this furry animals predicting the next six weeks of weather across the country.

You probably knew that.

But did you know our Eyewitness News in the Morning Meteorologist Joey Marino does not like Groundhog Day?

I was so excited to chat with him about what this day really means to a someone who predicts the weather for a living, you can catch the entire conversation tonight on Good Day Stateline at 5:30pm and 11pm on FOX39.

The main questions I had for Joey were... which groundhog are we supposed to be listening to?

Punxsutawney Phil who predicted a longer winter, or our local guy, Woodstock Willie, who said we would have an early spring?

Joey's answer? Well, if it's sunny out, the guy's probably going to see his shadow, and if not, he won't.

Which makes sense. Joey also wishes we didn't have to wake those groundhogs up so early and parade them around like Simba in the Lion King.

Joey is also pretty funny, in case you don't know, he can do a ton of movie and cartoon impressions and you'll see some of those tonight on GDS too.

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