Watch out World, Addie Mae Lanham is making a difference in our World! Addie Mae Lanham ten years old, Host and Editor of Encouraging Kids is inspiring so many kids and adults to make a difference in our World!

It was my pleasure to interview her about what her hobbies are, what she is most grateful for, what grade she is in, sports she loves to participate in and why she decided to launch her own YouTube TV Show called, Encouraging Kids! She also has learned to edit her own show with the help of her father, Randy Lanham host of Project Volunteer!

You will truly be inspired by her heart to help others and spread positivity to her peers!

Watch Addie Mae's latest episode with me, fitness instructor, author, TV and radio host Theresa Rowe. You can hear Addie Mae's interview on my story of faith, fitness, and now reaching over 300 million households with her TV series.
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