If there is a silver lining to the terrible drought that's been plaguing the Midwest, it's the fact that as the waters have receded, previously inaccessible areas have been opened up. That is the case for a very famous Civil War cave in Missouri.

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I saw that The Heartlander share the news that the Smallin Civil War Cave in Ozark, Missouri now has an area open that was previously hidden by water. They say that the opened up areas include parts of the cave which have previously not been explored. They add that going into those unexplored confines can be dangerous so they urge caution is needed as visitors peer into places not previously seen.

The official website for the Smallin Civil War Cave mentions that this is an easy cave to explore normally since it only requires a half-mile walk that can be completed in an hour. Expect that to take longer though if you plan to venture into the newly revealed areas where the waters currently aren't.

They've shared some of the interesting history about how this cave was discovered and got its name.

Up for a cave adventure with a Civil War history to it? You can get the latest updates on how the waters (or lack thereof) are affecting parts of the Smallin Civil War Cave never before seen. Until now.

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