In the category of someone who is getting screwed on the money they make it is definitely the big guy in the red suit.  Yes, I am talking about Kris Kringle.  He apparently has a salary and I think he needs a raise, to say the least.

A website called has actually calculated what Ol’ Saint Nick makes in a year.  It’s a whopping $157, 300.  As I said, the guy needs a raise.  Granted, the man does really only “work” for one day a year.  However, the build-up to that one day has a lot of work involved.  According to Santa’s income is based on his responsibilities to manage the workshop, wrap the gifts, he’s a “labor negotiator”, sleigh pilot, list checker, and so, so much more.

With several other responsibilities under the title of Santa Claus, I seriously think the man is getting hosed on what he makes in a year.  He did get a 2 percent increase from last year but still, he should be making at least a solid $1,000,000.  Probably more to be honest.  It is really amusing though to think that someone has taken it upon themselves to calculate to a T how much money they think Santa Claus makes in a calendar year.  I wish that was a part of my job.  Clearly, I’d be paying Santa a whole lot more.

So, if you have ever found yourself sitting at your desk during Christmas and wondering how much Santa Claus gets paid, you now know.  It’s probably not what you thought.

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