No matter where you live, there are legends about haunted places. Sometimes it's as obvious as a cemetery or house, other times they are caves and lakes. The places and the legends that surround them are often times lying right under the surface.

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I recently came across I came across a place that is supposedly haunted because of a group of teenagers and a crime that lead to someone dying. It's a sad and chilling story of a Bell County swimming hole with a very dark past located in the town of Hutch, Kentucky.

I researched all that I could find about that fateful night and the stories of the haunted lake that have happened since the death.


The true story and legend of Devil's Garden

One website I found, told a sad story of a death that could have been prevented.

...there is a small area off the main highway called Hutch. In this small community, there is a local swimming hole called "Devil's Garden". Before it earned this name, a small group of partying teenagers was swimming one summer night. After partying too much, one of the kids slipped and hit his head on a rock in the shallows. Not thinking straight, the other kids decided to hide the body under water, tied to a rock. The next day, the kids went to see if the night before had really happened. They arrived to find that the local authorities had already arrived and discovered the body. To their surprise, their friend had drowned and not died of the fall./pullquotes] - Crypto Crew


According to the legend, each of the teens started mysteriously disappearing until only two remained alive. Those two, fearing they would fall to the same fate as their friends, confessed to the murder, and each of them was sentenced to ten years in prison.

After the fateful incident, the area became known as Devil's Garden.

Now, people who dare visit Devil's Garden swimming hole at night during a full moon, see a skull-like reflection on the surface of the water. A warning to stay away.


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