Back in the early '80s, way before Google or Elon Musk and Tesla began making self-driving cars, there was only one car I knew of that was capable of that task, along with many others, including helping a young David Hasselhoff solve crimes. It wasn't made by Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, or any other car manufacturers, and you couldn't pull into your local car dealership and pick one up for yourself. It was one-of-a-kind, and it was on your TV every week. It was K.I.T.T., the (what felt like at the time) futuristic car from the NBC series, Knight Rider. And, it was awesome.

The primetime show ran on NBC for five seasons from 1982 until 1986. If that was a little before your time, the opening theme explains everything you need to know about the plot.

The show made David Hasselhoff a star. But, for a young me, who was six years old when the show debuted, the real star was K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand, in case you were wondering). K.I.T.T. was Michael Knight's (Hasselhoff's character) right hand man. It was a smart car 25 years before smart cars were a thing. It could talk, drive itself, went super-fast when needed, had a ton of flashy lights and buttons on the inside that all looked really important, was loaded to the gills with weapons and other gadgets for capturing the bad guys, and was sleek as hell.

One of my favorite things was that Michael could summon K.I.T.T. to come pick him wherever he was just by talking into his special watch that had a direct link to K.I.T.T. I would often daydream of being able to talk into my own watch and have K.I.T.T. come pick me up from school instead of riding the bus. The point is, the thought of having my own K.I.T.T. was everything.

Now, 35 years after the show went off the air, it looks like that daydream could become a reality.

According to Car and Driver Magazine, Hasselhoff is auctioning off his personal replica of the show's real star. While it doesn't talk, isn't decked out with weapons and gadgets, can't drive itself to come pick you up, and I assume can't reach speeds of over 220 miles per hour, the exterior and interior are both identical to the car used in the show.

Check. This. Out.

See Inside David Hasselhoff's Replica K.I.T.T. from 'Knight Rider'

Ready to place your bid? I hope you have some cash, or a very wealthy relative who loves you A LOT, because the current bid sits at $475,000, which is roughly $474,500 out of my price range.

But, just for fun, let's say you did have that kind of money burning a hole in your pocket. According to the auction site, if you're willing to spend 25% over the reserve price, Hasselhoff will deliver it to you personally. If not, then the cost of getting it to wherever you are is on you. Car and Driver says it's currently in the United Kingdom, however the auction site says it ships from Canoga Park, California. Either way, I imagine the shipping cost will set you back a good chunk of change. But, if you're already committing to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars anyway, you probably don't care.

[Source: Car and Driver / Live Auctioneers]

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