Newstalk 1280 is excited to announce that after reviewing many shows and meetings upon meetings, that we are the new home for "The Dan Bongino Show" starting next Monday Morning, June 21st from 11AM - 2PM where Rush served you for multiple decades.

The past few months have been a strain in the world of conservative talk radio. Since the passing of America's Anchorman, the Maha Rushie Rush Limbaugh, trying to find a person(or persons) to fill the shoes of such a wonderful and popular conservative talk radio host has been the daunting task for many stations. WGBF-AM on it's own had aired Rush since right near the beginning of his show.

I work hard to ensure that you have access to the very best and most popular conservative talk shows during the hours of your day. But when the inarguable leader of the 11AM - 2PM slot(and arguably all of radio) passes away, finding and deciding the next big name to "bet" the station's airtime on is nigh on impossible. I personally cannot thank you, our wonderful listeners enough for not only your patience in this process, but the time you took to voice your opinion.

Tomorrow and this weekend's "Rush's Week In Review" (11A-2P Sat/Sun) will be the last longform Rush Limbaugh shows that not only WGBF-AM will air, but of all stations across the US. So, for the next 3 days, may we all enjoy the greatness that was the EIB Network while preparing for a new era with Dan Bongino and the Tri-State's Best Talk leader, Newstalk 1280!

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