This weekend is the first weekend of the month...that means it's time for another Clean Evansville event. This time around Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and Clean Evansville volunteers will target the city’s North Side. Clean Evansville will take place on Groundhog Day this Saturday, February 2nd from 9am to 11am. Six clean teams will be picking-up litter along the Stringtown Road corridor north of Diamond Avenue, including neighborhoods near Evans School.

Team 1, led by Mayor Winnecke, will start near Diamond Avenue and Heidelbach Road. Team 2 will start at Heidelbach and Parkland Avenue; Team 3 at Stringtown and Diamond; Team 4 at Olmstead Road and Kentucky Avenue; Team 5 at Evans and Joan Avenue; and Team 6 at Evans and Stanley Avenue.

Volunteers will gather at the Academy for Innovative Studies Diamond Avenue Campus (former North High School), 2319 Stringtown Rd., around 10:30 a.m., for the wrap-up to see how much trash was collected. The trash will be taken to the landfill by Allied Waste.

Volunteers are being recruited for future clean-ups. Keep Evansville Beautiful coordinates volunteers for the monthly clean-ups. Anyone interested in joining or forming a team should contact Mike McGarrah at 425-4461.

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