Double check your meals production date to see if your food may be affected.

Some Family Size Salisbury Steak Banquet Meals are being recalled due to "foreign matter contamination." The 'foreign matter' is mainly bone.

You know you sometimes get tiny little specks of bone every once in a while that just slip through inspection? This is like that, but worse. These pieces are actually causing injury to people's mouths. Because that happens when you try to chew bone...

So be on the lookout for:

27-oz. carton containing plastic shrink-wrapped packages containing 6 pieces of “Banquet FAMILY SIZE 6 SALISBURY STEAKS & BROWN GRAVY MADE WITH CHICKEN, PORK AND BEEF – GRILL MARKS ADDED” with lot code 5006 8069 10 05and a ‘BEST BY’ date of SEP 01 2019 printed on the package. And were produced on March 10, 2018.


-FSIS, and 14News


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