Have you ever mixed mayonnaise and ketchup together and then dip your fries in it?

Honestly, we all have tried it, and it's not bad. Especially when dipping chicken nuggets in it!  This concoction has been around for years, but I feel like the movie Step Brothers really put it on the map with this extended scene.


Ever since then, I have referred to this mixture as "fancy sauce." That was until Heinz decided to create their own version of "fancy sauce" called Mayochup. Of course the name is a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. Unfortunately, the pre-mixed Mayochup is only available in the Arab Gulf states for now.

It looks like that might be changing soon. Many American's have been wondering if and when Mayochup would make its way to the States. That question has been answered with one stipulation.

If you want to see this in stores in the U.S. simply vote, and as soon as they get 500,000 votes for "yes," they will make plans to release Mayochup here. Until then, you are going to have to mix your own fancy sauce. I know, it's a lot of hard work to mix ketchup and mayonnaise together, so hopefully the struggle will be over soon!

Here's the big question though: Would you rather mix your own or spend the extra cash of a pre-mixed bottle of fancy sauce?

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