What do you do when a movie has no dialogue for at least 30 minutes? It has sound, but it's still a very muted setting and atmosphere.

John Krasinski's A Quiet Place is currently the number one movie in the America I would say due to word of mouth and for its unique post-apocalyptic story. In case you haven't seen a trailer and/or the movie itself, here's a look.

So, what do you do with your snacks, namely popcorn, while watching such a quiet movie? Amanda and I went last Saturday and the theater was about three quarters full. Did I see people checking their phones on occasion? Yes, but I was surprised at how quiet everyone was. I don't even think I heard anyone cough or sneeze or, well, at any point during those 90 minutes of careful action and tension.

Yes, it's only 90 minutes long, hallelujah! I ate my popcorn, no shame at all. Amanda got a bag of Raisinettes mix. It's almost like we and the rest of the audience were totally immersed in the struggle to stay as quiet as the characters. The movie is also kind of scary, which adds another layer of stilted quietness.

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