Well, we're finally getting the warmer weather we've so desperately craved since the first official day of Spring roughly three weeks ago, but since we can't have nice things, these warmer days are bringing with them a chance for some nasty weather on Saturday.

Fortunately, it's only a "Marginal" risk, according to the National Weather Service which on the Storm Prediction Center's severe weather scale means "An area of severe storms of either limited organization and longevity, or very low coverage and marginal intensity." Now that doesn't mean we should just blow this off as a whole lot of nothing, as we're still a few days out and things could change. What it does mean is that any potential severe weather we see will likely be isolated to certain areas of the Tri-State and not a widespread line of storms like we saw last week.

The bottom line is, there's likely nothing to be terribly worried about (at this time, anyway), but certainly be prepared just to be safe.

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