We've talked a lot recently about our buddy Braxton and his journey...through his medical conditions and his adventures around town.

We learned that Braxton is a HUGE fan of the Evansville Thunderbolts, and this season they made him an honorary member of the team. The Bolts' season recently ended, and that means most players will be heading to their respective homes for the off-season. But one player, Shayne Morrissey couldn't leave without saying goodbye to his youngest teammate. Shayne stopped by Braxton's school this week for a bite of lunch with his buddy.

How awesome is that?!

Braxton says he can not wait till October when the season starts again to see his teammates. Braxton is also hoping by October to learn how to ice skate like his teammates. He plans on practicing as much as he can this summer.

Facebook/Braxton's Journey
Facebook/Braxton's Journey

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