You know I love a good party. Starting off with my days of wines coolers and Boone's Farm; to my college days of tequila and slow gin and mix that with my bartending days, I have quite a knowledge of good times that involve some libation. Combine that with a party game, and we have ourselves one epic party. One company has found a niche that will make your Cinco De Mayo, or really any celebration, one to remember.

I introduced you to this company a couple of years ago, not sure why I didn't bring it to your attention again during the pandemic, but I didn't. We could have really used this company back in 2020 to help us relax, ease our stress, and help us enjoy our staycations a little more. Am I right? Well, now they have more piñatas ever.

The company is NIPYATA! which makes piñatas that are filled with mini bottles of alcohol. Yes, I said, piñatas. And, yes that means you will have to hit it to get the alcohol out of it. Hence, the children's game only all grown up.

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The piñatas are in the shapes of a margarita, tequila bottle, champagne bottle, donkey, toucan, disco ball, a unicorn, and many more, Oh, there is also one for the bachelorette in a shape that is not right for ALL parties.

The piñatas come loaded (see what I did there? LOL...btw, why am I writing like I've been drinking?) with different varieties and amounts of plastic shot bottles. In each piñata, you might find some Fireball, Jim Beam, Smirnoff Vodka, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Barcardi Rum, and more.

The pinatas vary in price, anywhere from $69.99 to $189.99, depending on the pinata and the number of both;e of alcohol. In your order, you will get a piñata that hangs, a stick, a blindfold, the game rules, and some candy. If it's a gift, you will get a note for the person you bought it for, a gift receipt, and a discreet box so it's a surprise.

 NIPYATA’s piñatas are available to order HERE.

**Please Drink Responsibly**

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