It's been a wild couple of weeks weather wise in the Tri-State.  First we had an ice storm, where everything was frozen, and then we had two snow storms the following week.  Luckily for us we didn't get pelted with the 12 inches originally predicted, but we did get quite a bit of snow, and some freezing temperatures to go with it.  The cold and snow just seemed to linger for a bit, and I spent more time under my heated blanket the last couple weeks than I have in a year!  You know it's been cold when yesterday it was 45 degrees outside and sunny and I said to my husband "oh it's warm today."

Now that the sun has come out for a couple days, and temps have been above freezing, much of that snow and ice of the last two weeks is finally melting away.  However melting snow, and clearing roads means finding potholes.  Hopefully you spot the potholes with your eyes before finding them with your tires.  If there's one you notice, be sure to notify the city.

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Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer made a post onto Facebook on how Evansville residents can report potholes. His post said:

As snow continues to clear, Street Maintenance Department (SMD) crews will resume patching and repairing potholes.
Residents can report potholes by calling 812-435-6000 or using #evvpotholes.
Throughout the year, SMD has a crew dedicated to patching and repairing potholes.
Keep an eye out for new potholes, we had one pop up right by our neighborhood last year and it was awful.  Luckily after we reported it, it was repaired fairly quickly, but it was in the perfect spot to rock your tires if you accidentally hit it.  So be sure to report potholes, and keep an eye out for your own safety (and your car's wellbeing).

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