Pictures may seem like an annoyance at the time you are taking them but trust me -they are very important. One day you will think back on certain memories and wish you had a picture of the day so that you could re-live it over and over. Happy memories are something that I cherish and hold on to when I am having a bad day. I have this picture from when I was little. In it, I was making gingerbread houses with my grandma on Christmas Eve. I have icing all over my hands and nose and we are both laughing hysterically. My grandma is sick now and we can no longer carry out our gingerbread house-making tradition. However, when I look at that sweet picture of us, it brings me back to that instant of pure bliss. Instead of drowning ourselves in our sorrows, it is always important to remember the joy we have had in our lives and look at the 'bigger picture' (pun intended 😂).

Whether you are looking to take photos for a special milestone, wanting to make some memories, exploring the area, or are just wanting to see some of the most iconic spots in the tri-state, this all-inclusive list has you covered with 25 of the most photo-worthy spots in the tri-state. We developed this list with the help of the Evansville Photography Group on Facebook! Go visit these places, make memories, take pictures, and hold on to these memories and pictures for the rest of your life. Trust me, it's good for your soul.

25 Most Photo-Worthy Spots in the Tri-State

Here are 25 of the best places in the Tri-State for a photo op.

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