There is nothing cuter than a baby photo session, with the exception of some of my attempts (See below). Alli Wuertz is usually photographing other people's babies, but this time her little man, Fitz, is the model.

I loved playing photo shoot with Chase when he was teeny tiny. Clearly, he was less of a fan of my hobby. He was only a couple of weeks old when I took this one. I'm sure he will be thrilled to know that I'm sharing this one.

chase pumpkin

I love it when Alli shares pics of her little guy on Facebook. I mean, just look at those cheeks! If he grows up to be a baker or a rapper, he should go by 'Poppin' Fresh'.

Poppin' Fresh Pics: Meet Evansville's 'Dough Baby'

And now, enjoy these classic commercials featuring our favorite giggling Dough Boy.

I love this one, and who knew there was a little jingle to go along with it. See if you recognize the child actress.

This one was a little disturbing. You might have cookie monster dreams, but not the friendly muppet kind.

This is just too cute not to share...HeHe!

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