You don't have to drive to the ocean to live on the wild side and swim with sharks. In fact, you could just drive to Missouri.

Right in the heartland of the United States, is an aquarium that offers a very unique and thrilling experience. You can swim with sharks. Yes, real life sharks! You either want to or you know someone who would want to go underwater for an unforgettable, immersive experience with sharks in Missouri at Wonders of Wildlife.

Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium is the home to a 1.5-million-gallon aquarium that features 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles and birds, and "immersive wildlife galleries that bring visitors eye-to-eye with the greatest collection of record-setting game animals ever assembled," according to their Facebook. Oh, and it's located next to a Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters. This is the road trip that my friends and I have been longing for. 

Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium has many exhibits that make it worth the trip such as African wildlife, penguins, river monsters, Great Barrier Reef, swamps, shipwreck reefs, the Amazon, caves and more! The most exciting experience, however, is the Out to Sea Shark Dive. This is where you can go underwater inside of a metal cage and get face-to-face with sharks! It looks like a blast. Check it out for yourself:

Swim with sharks at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Missouri

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