I know, I know you're probably as sick of hearing about high gas prices, as I am. But I also know that in our neck of the woods, we don't really have the option of not driving places. So unfortunately gas is one of those necessities that no matter the price, we have to pay it.  I know gas prices skyrocketing can put quite the financial strain on people, so I figure this may be a way to help people save a little money.

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Do you shop around for the cheapest fuel?

There's a gas station right by my house, so I usually just stop there to fill up, because 9/10 times I'm getting gas because my light came on and I forgot to get it the night before, and I'm running late to my destination. My mom, on the other hand, always gets gas before her tank hits E and she's a savvy shopper. She likes to find the cheapest gas nearby and get it there.  She likes to call and report the lowest gas prices she's seen to me.


Where are the cheapest fuel prices in the Tri-State?

Since everyone doesn't have a Jamie in their life (hi mom!) this may help you find the lowest gas prices around when you don't have your own personal gas reporter.  The website is called GasBuddy.com. Gas Buddy is a crowdsourced website that tells you which gas stations have the cheapest fuel.  You can pop in any city around the Tri-State and it will tell you where the cheapest gas is in or around that city.


I took a look as I'm writing this (about 2:00 PM on March 10th) and it looks like the cheapest places to fuel up are going to cost you between $3.91/gallon in Henderson, and in Evansville, it looks like gas prices have already hit the big $4 per gallon.

I know we're no strangers to gas prices fluctuating, but hopefully, we won't see these prices for too long. I hope sharing this little trick may at least help you save a little money at the pump until the prices come back down again.

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