Indiana has several bed and breakfasts that you can stay in, but which one is the best?

We all make plans to go out of town in Indiana. When we do, we typically try to find a nice (or unique) Airbnb or hotel. I feel like something that is often overlooked is a good bed and breakfast. Think about it: it's a nice homey place where you can rest your head at night and then get a delicious complimentary homemade breakfast in the morning. It's a win-win.

Best Bed And Breakfast In Indiana

Eat This, Not That! created a list of the best bed and breakfast spots each state has to offer. Since we live here in Indiana, I thought it would be nice to dive into which bed and breakfast in the state you should really want to visit. As it turns out, Eat This, Not That! found that the best bed and breakfast in Indiana is  Market Inn Bed and Breakfast located in Jeffersonville.

Market Street Inn Facebook
Market Street Inn Facebook
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Market Street Inn Bed And Breakfast

This bed and breakfast is located right on the other side of Louisville, so it's perfect if you are planning a trip to that area and do not want to stay in the city.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about Market Street Inn Bed and Breakfast:

In 2002, Market Inn Bed and Breakfast's owners, Steve and Carol Stenbro, purchased the historic circa-1800s house in an auction. The home, which once served as the "Old Ladies Home" for Civil War widows and later was a homeless shelter, sat in disarray until the Stenbros came along to breathe new life into it. Today, the beautiful inn is the most celebrated bed and breakfast in Jeffersonville.

Just looking at their website, the rooms look very nice, the food is great, and that royal suite looks like a place that I would love to stay in! You can learn more about  Market Street Inn Bed and Breakfast by clicking on their name there, and you can find out what bed and breakfasts made the list for all of the other 49 states by clicking here.

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