One of the most important things my mother taught me was to support other women. In a world that seems to pit us against each other, we are our strongest when we lift each other up.

I want to congratulate my dear friend, Kat Mykals from our sister station 103 GBF. She was recognized by our company, Townsquare Media, for her 10 year anniversary.

I am so very proud of her. Her life has been anything but easy and she has many demons that she has had to overcome. Kat is an amazing, strong, and extremely empathetic woman. Working with her, watching her grow and succeed, and being her friend, is an honor to me. She is a beautiful, intelligent, witty, caring, creative, free spirit, and I love her. She truly deserves all of the wonderful things that come her way.

I admire her so much, I have tried to emulate her and capture her spirit when I'm feeling weak.

I support every woman I know, because of my mom and seven other women who loved and supported each other through thick and thin.

My mom had a group of friends that would get together once a month and play the dice game, Bunco, for a few hours. During the games, they would share their lives with each other. They shared their dreams, fears, sorrows, and victories without judgment.

What they shared was a beautiful and almost scared bond. It was a sisterhood of support and power. No matter what happened to them, they had each other to lean on. There was no reason to be jealous or malicious toward each other. Those negative feelings only waste time and energy.

To truly harness the positive power and incredible force that women can truly be in the world,  we must support and empower each other. Only then can we all live to our true potential.


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