There is nothing cuter than the face of a dog that know he has done something wrong. Suddenly their expressions become more human than ever. The avoiding eye contact, side eye, wide eyed look is priceless.

Watch six year old, Captain, react to his mom's questions about a pillow. Too funny!

My little dog, Lola, is hilarious when it comes to her being a bad girl. All my husband has to do is say certain words and she runs and hides. My husband has started picking her up before he gives her a good taking to about pooping behind the living room chair. We just want to see her hilarious reaction.

Lola has started trying to distract us. Yep, she will act like she is listening, look beyond my husband at the cats and start barking like they are doing something wrong. Because, after a she IS the self appointed head of security at our house. When she tries to use the distraction technique, the cats are never doing anything. They are usual asleep. It's so funny when she does it because I can see her little mind at work. She is thinking if she passes the buck to the cats she may not get the scolding.

The cats just ignore her and plot to get her back at a later time. I can only imagine what happens at night when we are asleep. I have a feeling they get their revenge.

Another Tristate dog who is very guilty.

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