I know at least one living creature that enjoyed the historic snowstorm that made its way through the Midwest this week. It's a polar bear in an Illinois zoo who had the time of his life.

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The Associated Press shared this fun video moment today with just one simple description:

A polar bear at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago seemed to be happy to see the region's biggest snowstorm of the season on Wednesday.

They aren't wrong. This big guy is happy. I believe his name is Hudson. Go live your best life, Hudson.

This polar bear at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago got famous with his performance of joy in the snow as he was mentioned by Newsweek among other national sites. The zoo website mentions that this big boy can stand up to 11 feet tall when standing on his back legs. I'd hate to be on the wrong end of his attention. Yikes.

Perhaps I've been watching too much TV, but I half-expected him to stand up and drink from a Coke bottle. Yes, I have been watching too much TV.

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