I may have located evidence that Garfield has retired in Illinois. My theory is based on a video of an Illinois cat that appears to have perfected sleep.

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Hear me out on this one. This cat's owner says his name is "Simba". Sure it is. "Simba" loves his sleep. See if you don't see a massive Garfield resemblance here.

Compare Simba with the real deal. I present to you Garfield himself.

I also saw Simba's brief waking moment shared on YouTube and the comments are hilarious:

Pumpkin Queen - "This looks like me trying to do a sit up"

Isaiah Sherman - He’s like “the smell of pasta would sure wake me up”

There are nearly half a dozen people that mention "real life Garfield". See what I mean?

We know that cartoonist Jim Davis created Garfield and he was born in Indiana. It's not THAT much of a reach to believe that he retired his cartoon cat in a neighboring state. You watch Simba and tell me he isn't Garfield. I dare you.

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