If there were medals for dads, this Midwestern guy should get one. He built his daughter an indoor zipline jump seat and it's as awesome as it sounds.

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There's an even more interesting backstory about why he did what he did. This family lives in Indiana. Leave it to Hoosiers to come up with something like this. Here's part of the story from the YouTube description:

Cheyenne Barr, 24, from Van Buren, Indiana, United States, and her husband Clay, 27, needed a way to help their daughter, Briar, walk around. Briar, 10 months old, was born with ​​symbrachydactyly, a condition that gave her a smaller, fin-like hand. It can be painful when Briar’s hand is held or hit. Cheyenne and her family, which includes two other children, had a lot on their plate at the time. The family had just moved into a new house and they also had to renovate the new house while living there.

This is beyond awesome. If this doesn't make you think of the song "Jump Around", nothing will.

I seriously would love to manufacture a medal and hand it over to this family. Well done, parents.

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