It's no secret that the St. Louis Zoo is one of the best in America. There are a lot of reasons for that and based on a new video, the intelligence of their gorillas should be added to the list.

A mother shared this special moment that happened at the St. Louis Zoo this past week. Her son was standing next to the glass of the gorilla enclosure. As her son started making hand motions, she noticed the gorilla reciprocate what he was doing.

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That's a much better response than what one of the St. Louis Zoo gorillas did many years ago. He pulled off a Jean Claude Van Damm dropkick on the glass.

They do have their kind moments as these gorilla brothers shared earlier this year.

As the St. Louis Zoo website mentions, the western lowland gorillas at the St. Louis Zoo are among the largest primates in the world. Their diet includes 97 different varieties of plants when fruit isn't available.

My family used to make at least annual visits to the St. Louis Zoo and plan to resume that trek this fall. The closest we ever came to an experience like this family had with the gorilla was one time when we were walking past the bears and one of them seemed to sit down and wave at us. We felt like we were living a real version of The Jungle Book.

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