Horses have the most dynamic personalities. If you doubt this, you need to see Bentley. He may just be the most honest animal ever.

This fun equestrian moment happened a few days ago. Here's what his owner said about what went down in the stable:

Another day of cleaning stalls but having to use bagged shavings temporarily. Bentley got bored and decided to rip into it. Hilariously, he reacts sheepishly and admits when asked with a shake of his head. Big personality makes him the favorite amongst my 4

Even though my standards are pretty high, this is probably my favorite horse moment ever. Watch this honest boy completely fess up to what he did.

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The internet has gone nuts praising Bentley's honesty:

Second Thought - "That's one honest horse."

Bianca Paola Tumlad - "I feel bad now.. Its just too cute that his guilty and admitted it with a sad face "

im miata mike - "He even looks at the bag hahaha"

Yes, good observation. Bentley even acknowledged the bag he violated. Guilt was written all over his...muzzle.

I've made sure my kids saw how this horse responded to a simple question. Even if you're busted, always best to be honest and face the music. Fortunately for Bentley, his owner is just as amused as we are.

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